Wedding Cakes

We have been working with Dufflet Bakery in creating beautiful and delicious wedding cakes for the last 9 years in meeting and exceding our clients expectations.

We offer our clients a special discount off the regular price of a Dufflet wedding cake when wedding flowers are purchased.

Dufflet Wedding Cakes

Dufflet Bakery is renown for their signature wedding cakes. The wedding cakes we are showing on this site are just a few styles that Dufflet carries. You will also notice there are a few custom styles which we have created for our clients.

How It Works

When you order your wedding flower or décor from us, and wish to also purchase a Dufflet Wedding Cake;

1. We will assist you in selecting the perfect cake for your wedding. You will choose the style, flavour, shape and size of your wedding cake.

2. We will place the order for your wedding cake with Dufflet Bakery Wholesale, ensure all the details for the wedding cake are correct & the delivery info is accurate.

3. We will pass along to you the discount for the wedding cake.

3. Dufflet will make your cake to order, and deliver it to your reception venue on your wedding day

It can't get any better or easier than that!

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