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How to select your vendor

Whether it be a Florist, Cake decorator or Décor Decorator, ask to see their portfolio. When they pull out a book containing floral arrangements, cake designs or décor, it's a warning sign. Since this is not showing you their own work, but a book which they have purchased, and may not demonstrate what the quality of their work truely is.

If the vendor is showing you the images on a computer, you should be able to see the image in a very high resolution (i.e. very large size) or variation of the floral arrangement or design from different lighting or angles, as this will show it's their own work and not images they have purchase from stock photos or even worse, pulled off of someone else's website.

Having said this, it is obvious that when we meet with a potential client, we only show images from our portfolio in order to provide them with a good idea of the quality of our work. All images shown on this website, with the exception of the WeddingBells magazine covers and pages which feature Wedding Master's work, are all from our portfolio.

Other questions you may want to ask are how many weddings they provide services for in a given day. This will give you an idea of their service level. At Wedding Masters, we pride ourselves in only providing our services to one wedding per day. This ensures we provide our clients with our full attention and that our service level exceeds industry standards.

Delivery, Setup & Take-down, are all of these included or are they extra. Ensure this is stated clearly in your contract with the vendor. The last thing you want after paying your inital non-refundable deposit, is to then find out there are all these hidden costs for delivery, setup or take-down (i.e. backdrops, chair covers, etc. at end of the night).

Reception Hall

It's very important to note when you create a contract with the Sales Representative at the reception hall, that they are most likely not the individual in charge of the event on the wedding day. A Banquet Manager or Captain is usually the person in charge of managing your wedding reception on the day and coordinating the setup, service and anything you need on the day.

This is why it is very important that anything that has been agreed to by the Sales Representative it is written in your contract, because on the wedding day this is the only reference the Banquet Manager has to determine what is provided and what is not for your wedding.

Never make assumptions, always make sure it's in writting.

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